5 Best Chess Sets For Beginners and Professional Players

Finding the best chess sets on Amazon isn’t easy. You’ll likely need to look through hundreds of chess sets with different features. In some cases, the Amazon chess sets you get to see first may not be what you need.

Do you want a foldable Amazon chess set for professional play? Or do you want a plain chess set with magnetic boards for casual use? You’ll have to check out a thorough guide on top Amazon chess sets for professionals and casual players.

In this guide, you can check out the 5 best chess sets on Amazon, their main features, pros, cons, and other vital details. Follow the details in this guide to choose chess sets from Amazon with perfect features to satisfy your needs.  

Here are the top 5 chess sets for beginners and professional players:

RankChess Board NameBuy Link
1AMEROUS 15 Inches Magnetic Wooden Chess👉 Amazon LinkOpens in a new tab.
2Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set👉 Amazon LinkOpens in a new tab.
3Kangaroo Folding Wooden Chess Board Set👉 Amazon LinkOpens in a new tab.
4ASNEY 15″ Upgraded Magnetic Chess Set👉 Amazon LinkOpens in a new tab.
5Chess Armory Wooden Chess Set👉 Amazon LinkOpens in a new tab.

What is the Best Chess Set on Amazon?

AMEROUS 15 Inches Magnetic Wooden Chess Set stands out as a top option on Amazon. Buyers looking to get a high-quality chess set at a decent price point will fancy this piece. The chess set makers put in much work to create a well-made, durable piece for professional use, kids’ practice and professional use.

It has several handy features like extra chess pieces, storage slots, easy foldable design, and much more. All these useful features and more make the AMEROUS 15 Inches Magnetic Wooden Chess Set an exciting choice for all chess lovers.

Product Reviews | 5 Best Chess Sets on Amazon

1. AMEROUS 15 Inches Magnetic Wooden Chess

Main Features

  • Foldable
  • 15” board
  • Storage slots included
  • 2 extra Queens
  • 3” size Kings

Product Overview

Adding this chess set to your cart will give you more value for money. It comes with a wide 15” x 15” wooden board that allows you play chess and see all pieces with ease.

Its handmade interior also increases its storage ease. You can place all chess pieces in the storage area and easily fold it in with its included clasps.


  • Affordable
  • Extra chess pieces included
  • Handmade interior storage area
  • Large board area


  • Pieces are not handmade


The 15-inch set is ideal for professional and casual players and comes with basic features all chess sets should possess. It also has a decent price tag and is a preferred option for most beginners.

To Buy from Amazon,👉 Click hereOpens in a new tab.

2. Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set

Main Features

  • 21.65″ long x 21.65″ wide x 1.18″ high
  • Beech frame
  • Birch board
  • Sycamore chess pieces

Product Overview

The chess set comes with a board made from high-quality beech wood. Its 21.6 inch high and wide dimension gives it the standard, professional look you should expect from high-end chessboards.

It also comes with a simple foldable design that allows easy storage. The chess set comes with an interior storage compartment that promotes safekeeping of all pieces. You can easily secure the chess pieces in the board’s interior with two strong brass clasps.


  • Ideal for professional players
  • Comes with high-quality materials
  • Promotes easier storage
  • Handmade design


  • Pricey for beginners


The Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set is an ideal choice for professional chess players. Its handmade design, high-quality crafting, and useful accessories makes it a suitable choice for most buyers.

To Buy from Amazon,👉 Click hereOpens in a new tab.

3. Kangaroo Folding Wooden Chess Board Set

Main Features

  • 15.6” magnetic chessboard
  • 32 wood chess pieces
  • Magnetic closure
  • Felt interior

Product Overview

The Kangaroo Folding Wooden Chess Board set comes with a standard 15.6” x 15.6” surface dimension. Its standard dimension supports comfortable chess between two players with decent spacing for all chess pieces.

It also comes with a magnetic closure that tightly secures all its chess pieces in the curated interior. Its foldable design allows you store all 32 chess pieces safely until the next game time.


  • Low price
  • Magnetic board
  • High base
  • Foldable design


  • Doesn’t have the widest dimensions


Buyers looking for a low-priced, durable chess set will fancy this option. It includes all standard elements required for a decent game of chess. Also, it supports easier storage with its well-crafted interior.

To Buy from Amazon,👉 Click hereOpens in a new tab.

4. ASNEY 15″ Upgraded Magnetic Chess Set

Main Features

  • Clear board pattern
  • Magnetic interior
  • Foldable chess set
  • 15” by 15”

Product Overview

The ASNEY 15” Upgraded Magnetic Chess Set comes with an impressive clear board pattern to support better gameplay. Its magnetic design supports easier handling of all chess pieces.

The magnetic base means all chess pieces will remain on your board until you move them. It also features extra pieces, all crafted from high-quality Dutch wood.


  • High-quality wood pieces
  • Carry bag included
  • Magnetic board
  • Standard chessboard pattern


  • Hard clasps


The chess set on Amazon is an ideal option for buyers on a low budget. You can get the chess set on Amazon under $30 for an enjoyable game with durable accessories included.

To Buy from Amazon,👉 Click hereOpens in a new tab.

5. Chess Armory Wooden Chess Set

Main Features

  • 17” by 17”
  • Extra Queen pieces
  • Foldable design
  • Wooden chess pieces

Product Overview

The durable chess set from Chess Armory provides all the elements you need for personal or professional use. It comes with a decent 17” wide by 17” long board designed with elevated edges to keep all chess pieces secure.

The chess piece also features a magnetic base to keep all pieces secure and comes with 2 extra Queen pieces in each set.


  • Large chess board
  • Durable chess pieces
  • Clear patterns
  • Carrying case included


  • Costlier than basic chess sets


The large-sized chessboard and durable pieces make this set a top option for professional and casual players. Its magnetic storage interior also makes it easy to keep chess pieces safely until the next game.

To Buy from Amazon,👉 Click hereOpens in a new tab.

Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Buying a Chess Set on Amazon


You must consider the size of your preferred chess set before placing orders on Amazon. Most Amazon chess sets for kids come with 15” boards and just enough storage pieces. Professional chess sets could come with 17” boards and possess more accessories or durable features.

Materials used

Crafters usually put in more work to make handcrafted chess sets and usually source durable materials. You should consider placing orders for chess sets designed with hard wood pieces. Chess pieces built with resin molds may also be durable enough to feature in your preferred Amazon chess set.


It’s a smarter choice to choose chess sets that feature extra handy accessories. Opting to buy chess sets

Maintenance ease

Choose chess sets that are easier to maintain and provide better storage features in its package. Foldable chess sets with hidden storage or plain boards with accompanying cases are perfect to help you better maintain your preferred chessboards.

Longevity potential

Durable chess sets tend to last longer with proper maintenance. However, you should consider the quality of materials used and crafting of these chess sets if you want to use them for longer. Professional chess sets with handmade parts usually have greater durability and longevity potential than plastic options.


Some chess sets are foldable and come with a storage case under its expanded form. Others come with a standard flat board and separate storage bag or case for chess pieces and accessories. You should consider the form factor of your preferred Amazon chess set before placing an order.


What is the best set up for chess?

The best set up for chess should include a standard board, extra chess pieces, proper storage, and a chess clock. However, casual users can use chess sets without chess clocks since personal games usually have no time limitations.

What chess set is used at World Championship?

The Official World Chess Premium Set is the chosen set used at World Chess Championships. Each set comes with felted bases, 3.75” King sizes, extra queens, and one extra Queen per side.

What is a standard chess board size?

The most common chessboards are usually 21 inches long by 21 inches wide and about 0.8 inches thick. Piece sizes of a standard chessboard usually measure 2 inches throughout.

What chess set do professionals use?

Young professionals used the standard plastic chess sets with vinyl roll-up boards. However, other professionals choose the advanced 15” to 21” chess sets during competitive play.

Final Word

Finding your preferred pick from the 5 best chess sets on Amazon is easier with every detail this guide provides. You can make an informed buying decision with all the information above to choose a suitable Amazon chess set for personal use. Vital details in this post also help you choose professional chess sets for competitive play.

Look through the major features of each product and consider all elements included in the buying guide.

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