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chess beginners

The course is created with the intent of enabling an absolute beginner to learn the game in a very structured manner and be able to reach a level of tournament participation at the completion of the course. Ideal for beginners aged 5 years onwards and expects parental participation.

This course takes students who are already familiar with the pieces and how to use them, and teaches them how to use forcing moves and threats to win material and checkmate the king. The first section takes you through the tactical devices and the attacking themes that every good player should know, while the second section takes you through the factors that make up a position so the student has an understanding of which factors to aim for and which to avoid.

chess intermediates
chess advanced

Focused towards advanced learning techniques and skills for preparing for Nationals and International tournaments. Best suitable for players who have 1800+ rating

The students will get chance to play against top rated players. One important thing to remember while playing chess is to get good opportunity to compete against good chess players. Chesseasy provides the facility of playing partners that can help you to make huge difference in your game of chess.

playing partner