Does chess really improve thinking skills?

Chess is an intellectual game that can be played almost anywhere if you have got a chessboard with you. This board game needs a good level of concentration and skills in order to perform well and win the battle. At present, the competitions in various fields are getting tougher, and people may have doubts about whether chess can increase their thinking skills?

Chess improves the thinking skills of an individual. Chess also improves general intelligence, ability to concentrate, self-control, analytical skills, mathematical skills and reading skills. Learning chess at early age will help the kids to be smarter.

Usually, parents want their kids to be smart and bright. Chess will help the kids to be better in their academics. If planning to bring your child to the field of chess start learning chess.

Read the full articles to understand various benefits of playing chess, whether it improves the IQ of chess players with some examples and other details.

Benefits Of Playing Chess

Chess is played every day by millions of people. The trend towards chess is getting increased day after day. People are understanding the benefits of this board game. The major benefits of playing chess are as follows:

  • Chess improves memory 
  • Improves Problem-Solving Skills
  • Improves Concentration
  • Develops Creative Thinking
  • Improves the Ability to Think Under Pressure.
  • Teaches Planning and Foresight
  • Elevates your creativity
  • Builds Self-Confidence

Does Chess Players have high IQ?

According to herculeschess dataOpens in a new tab., Most chess players have high IQ’s (over 100). The chess players Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen are having IQs of 190. The below table shows 5 chess players with high IQ.

Player NameIQ Score
Garry Kasparov190
Magnus Carlsen190
Bobby Fischer187
Judit Polgar170
Robert Bryne170

How long it takes to learn chess?

If you are an absolute beginner, it will take about 3-4 months to learn the basic concepts, if going with at least 2 hours of learning timetable a week. Once the base is learned well, it will be much easier to understand various new concepts and topics. The most important part is that the player should invest their time in learning to be the best.

As chess learning is a continuous process there won’t be any stopping wall, unless you try to stop chess. Advanced chess players invest most of their time in learning the latest chess games and new concepts. On average a grandmaster spent more than 20 hours preparing chess.

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In conclusion, it’s clear that chess plays a relatively good role in improving the think skills of an individual. There may be an exceptional case but as a chess player, I am pretty sure that chess helped a lot in various aspects of day to day life.

As a result, many schools are promoting the game of chess as part of their academic/extra curriculum activities. If you like to start your chess career do contact chesseasy, one of the top chess coaching institute in India

Harikrishnan A

I am an International Fide Rated player with 10+ years of experience. Played many International Chess Tournaments and Commonwealth games.

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