How much does a good chess set cost?

If you are here, chances are you are considering learning chess and buying some good chess sets so that you can experience and explore this amazing game with your family members. Most of the chess sets available at different costs in stores come with their aesthetic appeal. It is impossible to get attracted to the uniquely-shaped classic pieces and the boards.

The cost of good chess sets can vary greatly between 20 dollars to more than 500 dollars. You might also see one with a tag of thousands of U.S.D. This difference arises from the wood type, brand, weight, and other factors.

In this article, I have included price ranges for all levels of chess sets so that you get a better idea of what you want to purchase in the target budget. Not only this, but I have also listed some good-quality and affordable boards for more assistance.

Price Range Of Different Chess Sets:-

Price Of Nice Tournament Chess Boards

When it comes to getting a quality set for players in matches or other types of tournaments, one might think of spending lots of money purchasing the best-quality set. However, it is not a wise decision since one can get a nice sturdy set for under 100 dollars for participants. Thus, you can buy a lot of these products when you hand over the dollars carefully.

These sets are also called standard chess sets since the measurements and design of a board are accurate and precise according to the set conditions. Generally, a majority of club sets come with a cost tag of 10 to 40 dollars. Moreover, this factor also depends on the dimensions and material of the bag that comes along with the product. I suggest looking for boards that are at least 20 dollars to ensure that quality is not compromised.

Price Range Of Good Traditional Chess Boards

Less pricey options for traditional chess boards involve arranging 50 dollars, while premium-quality and larger sets come with a cost above 100 dollars. Here, the main factors that govern the number of zeros in the tags are the quality of wood, the board’s area as well as the manufacturing process.

In case a manufacturer associated with some sports equipment brand uses a less expensive variety of wood for developing chessman and the board, that set will be available in between 50 and 60 dollars easily. On the other hand, if you prefer more vintage-styled and classic chess sets, the price will be much higher than those items which are produced in large numbers for targeted customers.

These sets are made and crafted by skilled people rather than machine-made ones. More traditional sets can cost you as low as 200 dollars and as high as 500 dollars. The wood has a smooth texture and it feels extremely nice to hold the wooden pieces.

Here are top 5 chess sets

  1. Chess Armory Magnetic Chess Set
  2. Chess Armory Chess Set 17″ x 17″ Wooden Chess Set
  3. Pressman Store Family Classics Chess
  4. Pressman Store Toy Chess Set
  5. AMEROUS 15 Inches  Magnetic Traditional Chess Set

Chess Armory Non-Magnetic Wooden Chess Set

The Wooden Chess Set by Chess Armory is made from high-quality walnut wood. Its classic and simplistic design makes it attractive and might be a great board for you if you are searching for products under 50 dollars.

The chessboard with 15 inches in length takes the experience with your loved ones to the next level. The lightweight board and pieces are handcrafted, polished, and then packed in a sturdy box.

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Chess Armory 17″*17″ Wooden Chess Set

This wooden board set is another item by Chess Armory that you should check out. This beautiful traditional set for under 50 dollars includes a large board and is suitable for both adults and teenagers for playing on occasions or in their luxury time.

With 32 pieces, two Queens are also added in a strong storage box which makes it convenient for you to play in case you have lost some. Moreover, there are elastic straps on the interior of the board which lets you keep the pieces safe separately.

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Pressman Store Family Classics Chess

Just getting started with chess and want to try the most affordable options first? I suggest checking out the wooden chess set by Pressman Store and adding it to your collection of board games for playing with both your age fellows and children. The board length is approximately 17 inches which is a worth-mentioning feature of this item which you can get for under 20 dollars.

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Pressman Store Toy Chess Set

Pressman Store Toy Chess Set is one of the perfect options if your kids or teenagers in your family are interested in getting familiar with this game and having fun. The chess pieces are made of good-quality plastic material, while the board can be folded so that one can easily store or carry it.

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AMEROUS 15 Inches  Magnetic Traditional Chess Set

AMEROUS 15 Inches Magnetic Chess Set includes handmade and Staunton chessmen which have extremely smooth and polished surfaces. Also, the velvet pieces beneath these wooden men act as an anti-scratch material and do not damage the board’s surface.

Developers have also provided greater convenience by designing the magnetic board. When it comes to storage, there are separate slots for the pieces to prevent the mess. You can get all these benefits for under 30 dollars for playing with your family members including children or gifting it to your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chess:-

How much are chess boards worth?

The cost of chess sets can vary between 10 dollars to hundreds of dollars.

What makes a chessboard expensive?

Some factors that contribute to higher prices of chess boards include their dimensions, the weight, the quality of wooden material, the additional accessories, and the company.

Why do chess pieces look like that?

Every chess piece represents its rank and role in the game. For instance, the Queen appears different from the soldiers. They are designed in consideration of these aspects so it is easier to distinguish them.

Final Thoughts:-

There is a wide range of chess sets available having different prices. The ones with the finest designs and premium quality materials are usually more costly than others. It entirely depends on your personal preference to choose between them. I hope this read has helped you in gaining knowledge about the market prices of these products.

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I am an International Fide Rated player with 10+ years of experience. Played many International Chess Tournaments and Commonwealth games.

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