The course is created with the intent of enabling an absolute beginner to learn the game in a very structured manner and be able to reach a level of tournament participation at the completion of the course. Ideal for beginners aged 5 years onwards and expects parental participation. Chesseasy provides online chess coaching for beginners, to help them start the game of chess.

chess beginners


1. Learn the basics of the game in a structured manner.
2. Focus on developing a method of thinking in the students. Give the right beginning to your young genius.
3. Learn at the comfort of your home. The only requirement is a broadband connection.
4. Pace yourself at your own comfort level.
5. Learn at a comfortable time of your choosing.

What You Will Learn

At the end of the course, students would be familiar with:
1. Introduction to the chessboard and arrangement of the chess pieces.
2. Introduction to pieces, their value and movements.
3. Check, checkmate and stalemate.
4. Special moves – Castling, Pawn promotion ( Queening and underpromotion), En Passant.
5. Introduction to basic tactical themes: pin, fork, skewer, double attack, back rank mate, discovered attack, destroying the defender, mate in one.
6. Basic opening tips. Standard tricks and traps !!
7. Basic end game techniques. 
8. Introduction to FIDE tournament rules.
9. Expert tips on self-study and self-improvement.