The course takes students who are already familiar with the pieces and how to use them, and teaches them how to use forcing moves and threats to win material and checkmate the king. The first section takes you through the tactical devices and the attacking themes that every good chess player should know, while the second section takes you through the factors that make up a position so that the student has an understanding of which factors to aim for and which to avoid.


1. Creates a better understanding about the game.
2. Middle-game strategy and training.
3. Specific focused areas for improvement.
4. Game analysis and preparations.
5. End-game training.

chess intermediates

What We Cover

At the end of the course, students will be able to
1. Understand the position much better.
2. Positional strategies to improve their position.
3. Chess opening understanding.
4. Middle-game concepts.
5. End-game concepts.