Service Information

This course is specially designed for advanced players or experienced scholastic chess players ready to take on the world of high-level tournament chess – and succeed! Key features of the Advanced Chess program is that you will figure out how to play any position on the chess board i.e. understanding the essence of every major opening and their typical middle games. 

  • Structured Chess course.
  • In-depth Analysis of chess games.
  • Online homework between training sessions to make sure you work on your own.
  • Online practice sessions which are observed by the instructor and help students analyze their games.
  • Improve your tactical and strategical abilities.
chess advanced

What you will learn

  • Advanced chess tactics, openings, and endgames.
  • Positional play and strategy in the middlegame.
  • Online practice sessions to analyze games.
  • Improving in all areas of the game and advancing the chess level.